The Worlds Leading Supplier of Specialty Alumina Powders

The World's Leading Supplier of Specialty Alumina Powders

Producing important products used to remove contaminants from refinery and gas operations around the world

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    Honeywell UOP’s Baton Rouge Facility

    Honeywell UOP's Baton Rouge Facility

    Honeywell’s UOP Baton Rouge facility is the world’s leading supplier of activated alumina and Versal™ alumina powders, used in the petroleum and natural gas refining industries to remove contaminants such as sulfur, mercury, oxygenated water, fluoride, chloride and arsine. These adsorbents are non-toxic and are used by companies around the world to produce products ranging from transportation fuels to biodegradable detergents.

    The UOP Baton Rouge facility employs more than 50 highly-skilled workers. It is part of Honeywell UOP, a business unit within the company’s Performance Materials and Technologies strategic business group.

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